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A Writer’s Journey

The prezi I’ve created is called A Writer’s Journey Through Time and Writing Spaces. This project focuses on how the process of writing is changing through the use of technology and the new writing spaces that the technologies create. This project is influenced by the readings and videos that we reviewed in the module, as well as my own views on the evolution of writing.

This prezi is still in the drafting stage, and I haven’t added in most of the present day concerns and new skills that have been brought about in this age of new writing technologies.


Writing Today and Tomorrow

For my prezi rough draft, Writing Today and Tomorrow, I took a look at the issues facing writers in a world that is constantly changing. I also talked about how a world that is constantly changing means that the definition of “writing” itself, as well as who is a writer, is constantly changing as well. Over, I come to the conclusion that these are important things to think about, but they are the wrong questions. What is most important is that humanity continues to find significance in writing, reading, and language.

Right Away, Write Away

I’ve created a prezi called Right Away, Write Away  that describes what writing has come to and where it may go in the future. I have put this presentation together with knowledge gained through class and videos and article seen outside of class. I start by describing what it is to write and to be a writer, continuing through a few minutes of showing what it is like being a writer (both the ups and the downs). At the end of my presentation, I describe how Apple’s Siri may be the next step in electronic writing in terms of vocal chronicling.