A Writer’s Journey Through Time and Writing Spaces

In my prezi, I examined changes in the writing process through time as well as different spaces available to the modern writer and the rules that accompany them. I wanted to give a full view of the present, which I felt could only be done by looking at the past and future as well. By looking at the spaces and rules that exist now, I was able to make a few hypotheses about the future of writing as well.

I may have added too much information, as I couldn’t fit it all into the five minute voiceover. I’m sorry about that; please click through the full prezi to see all of the details.

The prezi with voiceover can be watched here > http://screencast.com/t/LWm91HJxTPvk

The full prezi can be found here > http://prezi.com/fnttfo5tx8gg/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-writer/


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I'm a reader, writer, and editor who loves words and other creative media. I have a Bachelor of Writing Arts from Rowan University. Currently working to live, always trying to write more but never quite succeeding. View all posts by hmmallette

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