Twitter analysis: Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself)

In case anyone reading this doesn’t know, Neil Gaiman is a short story and novel writer who focuses mostly on science fiction and fantasy stories. Two of his more well-known books are Coraline and American Gods. I love the feeling he brings to his prose; he’s able to create vastly different worlds but let the main character keep human quirks and qualities. He is among my favorite authors.

Mr. Gaiman is following a diverse group of people on Twitter. Many of them are other writers, but he also follows musicians, comedians, and a handful of newsfeeds about Doctor Who (should have known he was a fan). His follower list hints that he is interested in keeping up with a large community of writers, but he’s also a guy who likes to laugh and have a good time. He also follows some novelty accounts, like DRUNK HULK.

I’ve been following Mr. Gaiman for a while now (which sounds so creepy if taken out of context), and he is constantly interacting with his fans. Usually when someone gets to a certain level of fame they become untouchable, but Mr. Gaiman is still able to hold conversations and seems genuinely interested in what his fans have to say. I think this is an excellent example of social networking done right. He isn’t the type to only answer questions about himself or his writing; he holds real conversations about real topics. I think many other celebrities on Twitter could follow his lead (so to speak) and learn something about effective communication.

Mr. Gaiman also was the original proposer of All Hallows Read, and he is a strong advocate for the movement. If anyone is looking for something to give out this Halloween that’s healthier than candy, how about a copy of Coraline?

Cheers, and happy tweeting!


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2 responses to “Twitter analysis: Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself)

  • Jennifer Stuart

    I only just started using Twitter, and watching how different celebrities interact with their fans is one of the most entertaining parts of it. It really can bring people closer together in some strange way like that.
    If I had that when I was 15, I’d probably be on it all of the time!

  • cmvisceglia

    It’s so funny to me that you wrote this post, Neil Gaiman is my favorite author. Following him on Twitter was one of the few prospects of creating a Twitter account that made it seem worth-while to me. He is very active on his Facebook account as well, and it’s so fun to see what he is up to. A lot of celebrities who use Twitter, like you say, don’t interact with their fans, and even use it mainly as a promotional device. The thing I love about Gaiman is that he not only interacts with his readers through social media, but he has a tendency to open up his life to them. Whether it’s photos of his dogs or his newest writing nook, or updates on his family, he treats his Twitter (and Facebook) followers like they are his friends. He really is a wonderful example of social networking done right, especially an example of a successful writer doing social networking right.

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