The Biggest & Smallest Stage


After watching An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” by Michael Wesch, I realized that YouTube is so much more then what I thought it was. YouTube is linking people like never before creating a community of people who are all in someway learning from each other and about themselves. It seems crazy to be sitting in your house, your school, or maybe in your closet talking to your computer camera. Whats even crazier is that video could potentially be view by millions at any given time. If you made a video to record your child’s first steps, to remember your summer vacation, to become a star or artist, to vent, reflect or inspire, to laugh or make someone laugh you have connect with someone in someway. That someone could be across the street or across the world. You video is not just what you make of it its what we make of it. 


One response to “The Biggest & Smallest Stage

  • hmmallette

    YouTube is really a great way to connect with the world via videos. Most people find it easier to relate to a video because you feel like you are right there with the person. Their body language helps you to connect where text or photos alone might be harder to relate to. There are even people that make YouTube videos of themselves talking and get paid for it! It’s an incredible user-generated television experience. If you want to watch a certain type of television show, you can create it. It shows how far we’ve come in the entertainment industry with using user-generated content.

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