Facebook Vs. Twitter


When I found out that I would need to make a Twitter for class I was a little hesitant. I already have a Facebook, why do I need a Twitter? I thought as I entered my information into the white rectangular boxes on the Twitter homepage. I slowly click the yellow sign up for Twitter button. I stare at the page with a blank expression. What now? I manage to change the background color and attempt to make my first tweet. I’m not sure if my hesitation to Twitter is because I don’t know anything about it or because I am content with Facebook. Random people can follow me and see things that I am tweeting is slightly strange to me. In the Facebook world you can pick and choose who can see your status, profile, and photos. I am a daily Facebook user and check my Facebook at least three times a day, sometimes more on my phone. Facebook allows me to chat with friends, message people privately, upload photos, like photos and comments, create and respond to events, and so much more. 

Is anyone else having this Twitter hesitation?

Any Twitter lovers want to share their insight to the Twitter world.


2 responses to “Facebook Vs. Twitter

  • cmvisceglia

    I was in a similar boat. I was completely dead-set against signing up for Twitter, but I needed it for two classes this semester, so I had no choice. It took me a week to tweet something, I had absolutely no idea what to say. It was so uncomfortable, with people I didn’t even know following me, I couldn’t understand why they would care what I had to say about anything. I barely even post on Facebook, but I totally agree, it has so many more features that are useful for different things. Twitter is just the bare bones of forcing you to try and be an upfront writer, and in an ultra confined space none-the-less. I’m starting to get the hang of it, though, because it is kind of fun to try and find creative ways to fit the 140 character limit. Just be yourself, and don’t worry about who’s following you or not since you can’t control it anyway. Have fun with it!

  • chivonwritesstuf

    i felt the same way: “Why do I need Twitter when I have Facebook” (and, I barely use Facebook) My life is so busy. I barely have time to even collect my thoughts, now I have to post them–3 times a day!! I don’t feel as bad about twitter anymore (except that I keep forgetting to post). Every time I post, it feels like I am having fun. Twitter seems to be a really powerful lace, and I love that I can link it with with so many other things–Also that it gives me an opportunity to really follow categories that I am Really interested in, such as: the election, other writers…

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