New Writing Spaces

Bolter’s point that our culture is redefining the components of writing is something to consider. The internet is certainly changing the way we write, for better and for worse. The spaces created online (like blogging and microblogging platforms, forums, comment threads, website creators) each offer a different set of norms and writing rules, much like different print media. The difference between a newspaper article and a novella is noticeable; the difference between Twitter and Flickr is as well. Using these new media to enhance writing is something that all authors should experiment with, even if they end up never using that medium again. There may be a story or an article that can be best told through one of the new media created by the online community.

I think of myself as an avid internet user. I make use of various writing spaces online, but probably not to their fullest extent. I also carry a notebook and read books printed on paper. Call me old-school, but the feeling of finishing a good novel is so much better than clicking to the last page of an ebook. As an avid reader of non-digital books (it’s silly that I feel like I have to make that distinction), I have vacillating ideas when it comes to the internet. On one hand, the writing spaces brought on by the internet are a fascinating way to communicate ideas with the world quickly and easily. Your friends are only a tweet away, even if they are located across the globe. On the other hand, this fast-paced world of instant publication is recreating the writing process by destroying bits and pieces of it. I don’t want to see the end of print publication. I think print and online publications can exist side by side since they offer homes for different types of writing that can both be respected in their own way.


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2 responses to “New Writing Spaces

  • A guy & three girls

    I really enjoyed your insights and can completely relate. I also feel that I could be considered “Old-school” I love the feeling of actually writing in a notebook and the feeling of holding a book in my hands. I think technology is an amazing resource and I greatly enjoy it, but like you stated, each has their advantages and disadvantages. I also like how you mentioned that each space online has a different set of rules and norms. You would think this would be somewhat obvious given the fact that its common sense to vary your writing depending on if you are for example, emailing a teacher vs. a friend. But the different spaces online each have their own little set of norms. You write a different way depending on what tool you are using. Something you would write on twitter is probably not going to be something you write as a response to a forum. They’re all intertwined but somehow separate.
    – E.D

  • melini02

    This was really good! I myself could be on both sides of this. I for one love my Kindle and really don’t know how I went with out it. Then I look deeper in to it and see that I some times much rather have something in my own hands. Sometimes it just seems like to much to follow when you have everything connected to a link that you have to click on through out a reading. My brain just goes crazy!! Teachnology does have its advantages and disadvantages, like I said it is great in some ways and not so great in others.

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